The Guide Is Over, Young Travellers

To quote a man from a film that was requoted and reappropriated in one of my favourite podcasts:

It’s been emotional.


Over the past year (well, the AG2G Twitter account turned one last week so that’s what I’ll go with), running and writing for A Guide To Geekdom has been immeasurable amounts of fun – I’ve met some very, very cool people and had the pleasure of speaking to many, many more. Everything I’ve taken in over the past year has been with one eye on either critique or praise – and outright damnation on the rare occasion – for my readers to check out and enjoy/slag off accordingly.

(Which reminds me. I never did watch that final episode of Geeks on E4. In the spirit of finality maybe I should…go and delete it from my Sky+ box forever.)

But I never really felt secure in proclaiming that this website, or more specifically, I could be anyone’s guide. I can barely guide myself to get out of bed most mornings, so why should I be the one to Guide anyone’s journey through Geekdom?

I never felt like the best guy to guide anyone anywhere; in fact it’s rather a daft sentiment when you think about it. Geeks don’t need guidance. They - we – are people with our own lives, our own loves and our own pursuits.

Guiding readers per se was honestly never my intention, despite the somewhat blatant title (and I’m just a sucker for alliteration; it’s the staple of any young(ish) copywriter who needs  to clinch a snappy turn of phrase) and so it is with a somewhat heavy heart that I draw the curtain on A Guide To Geekdom.

If you’re a regular traveller through these pages, then from the bottom of my geeky heart: Thank you for commenting. Thank you for tweeting. Thank you for Facebooking. Thank you for reading, and thank you for keeping me sane.

As they always say – and somewhat cryptically in my case – end it on a song.